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Welcome to TvsZ

Before you get started there are some conventions to playing #TvsZ that enable player interaction. After reading this game briefing you should be ready to jump in on the game play.

#TvsZ, is a game played on Twitter designed to demonstrate virtual community and teach new media literacy. For the three days of the game, you will have a built-in community on Twitter ready to answer your questions and construct a narrative with you. The game is made by all of our contributions, small and large.

If you’re new to Twitter or new to #TvsZ, don’t worry, we and the others playing the game will be happy to help! We will also post some tutorial slides on a few basic rules once those are “released” into the game (we have a mission to complete first, which will be released early on in the game, on the missions page).

Some basics for getting started include:

  • You’ll need a Twitter account (if you don’t already have one)
  • Game registration: your registration will populate a game roster, which is available to all players. The roster is helpful to see how many people signed up, and identify who might be lurking. Please register here.
  • Check the #TvsZ hashtag regularly using your tool of preference (we will describe some possibilities below). This is where the action is! If you do not follow the hashtag it is really impossible to follow and participate to your full potential.
  • Follow the official account of the game @TvsZOfficial on Twitter. This account is not a referee, it is more relatable to an announcement system. The tweets from this account during game play sometimes includes mission and rule release announcements, calls for participation in creating new rules and missions, etc.
  • The basic starting point for the game is an apocalyptic scenario. See the Story page.
  • Throughout the game new missions will be released, posted on the Missions page, sent out by the @tvszofficial account on Twitter, and sent via email to anyone who signed up for email updates (see above).
  • Be respectful in your communication with other players. Competitive trash-talking is fun, but shouldn’t be hurtful or aggressive.

*** All game tweets must contain the hashtag #TvsZ. hashtag Any tweet not containing #tvsz will be considered invalid and not live. Thus, accidentally using an action without #tvsz does not “burn” or waste the original action, but it must be reposted with #tvsz.***


TvsZ is self-officiated, much like the “Spirit of the Game” concept in Ultimate Frisbee. There are no umpires or officials. The players on the internet make all the calls. The responsibility for fair play is put on the participants, who are asked to help make the game fun for everyone. There will be times during game play that actions by players are time sensitive, which often lead to a flurry of tweets. It is up to the players to determine how their actions resolve based on the language of the rules and missions. If you are unsure how to resolve an action we encourage you to collaborate with your peers, either to ask for clarification or offer clarification. When you have a question about a ruling simply include the #rules hashtag in your tweet.

*** If you have a question about the rules, just add #rules to your #TvsZ tweet & your tweet won’t be vulnerable in game play ***


TvsZ is built on the narrative collaboratively constructed by its players. There will be a number of game specific hashtags released periodically. These hashtags are game specific actions and interactions between players, essentially they are the rules of the game. By using these hashtags you will be able to easily search and curate game tweets, and communicate clearly with the player community.


This version of #TvsZ will include a team element, and thus it is important to know who is on which team. If we use the ultimate frisbee analogy again, you are able to tell your teammates and the opposing team members by the colour of their jersey, or by some other visual aid. If someone changes teams they simply change their jersey and game play is uninterrupted. This is a bit more difficult in a virtual space like Twitter. In order to indicate which team you are on you will need to know how to change your display name. This can easily be done on a laptop or mobile device. See this slide for a quick visual tutorial. You won’t have to worry about this straight away, but it will be very useful once the game gets going.


TvsZ game play takes place solely on twitter, but that does not mean other digital tools are not used, or useful during game play. Below are some tools you may want to use in order to complete missions:

Free tools to get the most out of twitter:

Tools that may eventually be useful for completing missions

You are now ready to get in the game, go forth and remember…
it’s dangerous to go alone…