New rules: #immunity and #extrarecruit


You can earn an #extrarecruit, allowing for two #recruit actions in 30 minutes, by writing a blog post:

  • Write a substantive blog post that explains why others should join your team. You could include any reasons you like, such as how the team has been doing well on missions, or how it has the better approach to the crisis we’re facing, or anything else you can think of.
  • Include a link to at least one mission your team has accomplished (include a link to the evidence that your team accomplished this mission). Hint: check this out if you’re not sure where your team’s mission accomplishments are!

To gain your #extrarecruit, use the #extrarecruit tag and include a link to your blog post in the tweet.

You can use your #extrarecruit at any time: it gives you one more recruit action even if you did one less than 30 minutes ago, so it’s best to use it within 30 minutes of your last #recruit action.

You just get one #extrarecruit per blog post, but you could write more than one blog post, referencing different reasons why your team is awesome, and earn more #extrarecruit actions.


You can earn one hour of immunity if you get at least 5 comments on your #extrarecruit blog post, by anyone in the game (whether on your team or not), saying why they think you are a good leader for your team. The comments should each give at least one reason for why you’re a good leader.

If you get that 5 such comments on your blog post, send out a tweet with a link to your blog post and the hashtag #immunity.

This will earn you one hour of tweeting without being vulnerable to recruits from other teams.

Note: there can be multiple team leaders with immunity during any part of the game! There doesn’t have to be a single team leader; the idea of leadership here is not one that requires exclusivity.

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